Cross-Cultural Development of the Expression of Emotion

The Cross-Cultural Development of the Expression of Emotion (CCEE) study examines the development of the expression, labeling, and comprehension of basic emotions from late infancy through toddlerhood in two cultures: Central Chile and the Midwestern United States. Data are collected in Santiago and the Greater Lansing Area (Michigan). We are investigating the basic cross-cultural differences in the expression and understanding of emtoions in North and South America, and to learn about the processes by which children develop the expression and understanding of emotion by interacting with the important adults in their lives: parents and teachers. We hope to learn how adults in each culture support healthy emotional development in young children.

A pilot study was completed in 2011/2012, involving 32 families in Michigan and more than 60 families in Chile. We are enrolling 100 children in each country, and will follow them from late infancy (12 months) through toddlerhood (30 months), along with their parents and caregivers/ early child educators. We see children and one of their parents 4 times over the 18 months of participation, and visit with children and their teachers at the beginning and end of the study.

Are you intersted in participating? The Michigan site is working with many Lansing Area child care and education centers to invite and enroll families into this study. If you have a child who is less than 14 months old who attends child care or early child education in the Lansing Area, and are interested in participating in this study, please contact Dr. Claire Vallotton at or (517) 884-0521 to inquire about participating.