Chang Su


Ph.D. student, Human Development and Family Studies, University of Missouri-Columbia,
Specialization: Child Development

M.A., Human Development and Family Studies, Michigan State University, 2011
Specialization: Child Development

B.A., School of Foreign Studies, Minzu University of China, 2009
Specialization: English Literature and Linguistics

Research of Interest

Child development in early childhood; parent-child relationship and communication; parenting and especially fathering; cyberbullying; cultural diversity.

Research Focus

I am interested in fathering and child development with a concern of cultural diversity. My Thesis is about how early father involvement has an effect on preschooler’s sense of security and 5th grader’s social-emotional outcomes in the U.S.. In my doctoral study, I am planning to delve fathering research in China by conducting qualitative interviews and collecting quantitative data. Cultural values, as well as prior and current social-historical events and trends are influential to fathering, which will have indispensable effect on child’s developmental outcomes.

Current Research Project

I am working with Dr. Vallotton in our IIIW Lab with the focus on an ongoing international project: Cross-Cultural Experiences of Infant Signing (CCEIS). My responsibilities includes assisting to design the internet-based survey, translating the survey from English to Chinese, recruiting participants, reviewing relevant literatures, translating data from Chinese to English, analyzing data, and drafting result and discussions for conference poster presentations.

Additional Research Activities

I have been a graduate student with Dr. Brophy-Herb working on Annual report for Early Head Start program-Quality Improvement. I am also work on National Early Head Start dataset to examine early father involvement for my Master’s Thesis.

I am also a research assistant with Dr. Tom Holt at School of Criminology.We are conducting research on cyberbullying among Chinese Adolescents and examine the types of cyberbullying and our next step will focus on the dynamic of bullying behaviors through blogs in the public forum.

Publications and Presentations


Su, C. & Holt, T. J. (2010). Examining the Nature of Cyberbullying in Chinese Web Forums.  International Journal of Cybercriminology, 4 (1&2), 672-684.

Conference Presentations

Martoccio, T.L., Brophy-Herb, H.E., Lee, Y., Su, C., &Maupin, A.N. Negative Influences of Harsh Parenting on Children’s Story Stem Completion Narratives in a Low-Income Sample. Biennial Conference of the Society for Research in Child Development, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. March 31-April 2, 2011.

Mastergeorge, A., Ayoub, C., Masyn, K., Vallotton, C.D., Decker, K.B., Thompson, D., Su, C., Saneski, E., Zientek, A., & Scott, M. (April 2, 2011). Comparison of Quantitative Methods for Measuring Effects of Parental Sensitivity and Cognitive Stimulation on Toddlers’ Vocabulary. Poster Biennial Conference of the Society for Research in Child Development, Montreal, Quebec, Canada. March 31-April 2, 2011.

Su, C., & Lee, Y. (2011). Mothers’ and Fathers’ Perceptions of Early Head Start. Biennial Conference of the Michigan Association for Infant Mental Health, Ann Arbor, Michigan, America. May 15th, 2011.

Su, C., Vallotton, C., Decker., K., & Scott, M. (2011). Cross-Cultural Variation in Parents’ Values and Teaching Techniques. 3rd Graduate Academic Conference, Michigan State University. March 25th, 2011.

Professional Presentations

Su, C. (2010). Child Abuse and Neglect in China. School of Social Work, Michigan State University.

Contact Information

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